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Shape your software with Shape plug-in architecture!

        pi@raspberrypi:~ $ 


  • linux
  • win
              $ git clone
$ cd shape
$ py --build
> git clone
> cd shape
> py --build

Generate and Build your project

  • linux
  • win
              $ py --newProject MyProject
$ cd ../MyProject
$ py --build
> py --newProject MyProject
> cd ../MyProject
> py --build

Plug-in framework

Start writing your software as component architecture where you can plug-in any new component.

C++ language

This is C++ modular structure for large, small or hardware performance limited projects.

Automatied configuration

You can anytime on fly start, stop any plug-in or change its configuration.

Fast development

We prepared tools for creating components, building and testing. You can concentrate yourself to your code only.

Plug-ins for use

We have prepared many plug-ins for use e.g. Websockets communication, JSON parsers and more.

Technical support

If you need any help or advice, please contact our technical support.

Read our complete documentation.




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