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We provide hardware and software solutions for you


We have expertise in these areas

Internet of Things

Connectivity of devices, wireless and remote accessibility and control, monitoring, remote maintenance.

Industry 4.0

Industrial automatization, control systems and web connectivity of industrial machines and production entities.

Artificial Intelligence

Camera processing, image and speech recognition, control algorythm, big mathematisc and more..

Cloud solutions

Cloud control, data storage and analytics, big data, IoT connectivity, data analytics, user interaction and more..

IQRF wireless

IQRF wireless technology for IoT and Industry 4.0. Hardware and firmware connectivity of customer devices, gateway software.

IoT Gateways

Gateway software with plug-in architecture, interoperable via JSON API and abstraction. 

Mobile & desktop apps

Software application for many target platforms and operating systems. 

Web apps

Web application like control portals, dashboards, maintenance and monitoring, remote control of devices.

Our references

Some of our bigger projects


iLersen heating

For Lersen company we created an inteligent control of Lersen heaters in industrial buildings. Heaters are...


Cobalt Control

For TG drives company we create a Control systems of 6-axes industrial robot based on Logimic Industrial..


IQRF Gateway

In collaboration with IQRF Tech s.r.o. company we are developing an interoperable gateway software..


IQRF Dev. Board

Fully antonomous IQRF end node with I2C, analog and digital interface for fast prototyping..

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