Software Services

Leading projects, subcontract execution, cunsultancy.

We provide software development services in industrial and home automatization, IoT and telecommunications. By customer specification we deliver hardware and software product, prototype or study.

Project requirements definition is a fundamental part of project execution. We activelly help our customers with specification of their requirements. Our agile project execution cycle enables flexible changes of project requirements.
Demo is an integral part of our project lifecycle. It is a fast prototyped first look of software work. The purpose of the demo is to demonstrate capabilities, chosen platform ot technology and adjust requirements.
We use agile development methodology which enables continuous deliveries of incrementally develped project. Customer can see growimg product and can provide feedback or change requirements.
Customer has full control over project execution. We provide access to our project management tools e.g. GitHub, GitLab where customer can interact with project management.
For customer projects where some part of technology ca stay open or available for our other customers we provide co-funding.

We provide our resources to work on customer projects within customer project team. We cover broad software and hardware areas from embedded software development to graphical interfaces design.

Software architecture is a key element of project success. Our experiences cover area from basic architectural patterns to component models.
  • Embedded Software
  • General C/C++ SW dewelopment
  • JavaScript, Type Script and Html capabilities
  • Hardware design
  • PCB layouts
  • Functional testing

We provide research capabilities for industry where we have broad experiences with control systems, image and speech recognition or algoritmization of complex customer problems.

  • Mathematic equipment for kinematics calculation of more-axis machines
  • Interpolation of machine movements
  • Trajectory planning
  • Speed optimizations
  • CAM systems for preparation of cutting plans.
  • Cutting plans optimizations.
  • G-code preparation, optimization and modifications.