IQRF Wireless Connectivity

Connect your devece, sensors or actuators...

IQRF® is mature wireless technology, proven, reliable, robust, low power and secure. It can be easily integrated into any electronic product. Devices using the same and simple language are fully interoperable. IQRF® enables full local autonomy control and is complementary to standards as cellular, WiFi or Ethernet. IQRF® provides a strong base for vertical IoT solutions.

Low Power

Years on AAA batery - 4.55 nAh/B @ TX, 50nA @sleep.

Fast Link

Fast uplink and downlink ~20 kb/s within mesh network.


AES-128 Encryption incorporated in message transfer.


500+ m with 8 mW signal power.


IQ mesh up to 240hops.

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Select proper IQRF transciever fitting into your requirements.
We prepared IQRFBB-10 development board with many software examples.
IQRF devices are connected within mesh to IQRF Gateway. We provide gateway solution based on customer specification. Our Open Edge Gateway solution is ready for different customer specification.
IQRF Gateway is connectable to many cloud services via WAN and provides also edge connection within LAN.
We provide technical support on all above steps, contact us anytime...