IQRF Development Board

Development board for easy building of IQRF network.

IQRF Development Board

This development board is for prototyping of wireless end devices (nodes) within IQRF network. You simply connect sensors and actuators, load proper software and you have fully working wireless end device.

Make product quickly: Connect -> Solder Sensor -> Verify -> Scale.

Entire board has been developed as a template of typical sensor or actuator. You can reuse the design for your own purposes. Many examples on Github can help you with software prototyping. We included examples how to access board from your software via IQRF Gateway Daemon software running within most interoperable IQRF gateways.

Supports IQRF Gateways! Supports all IQRF gateways based on IQRF Gateway Daemon technology. All examples demonstrated with real gateway software.

Project presentation and orders: IQRFBB-10 Development Board

Documentation, Data Sheet, Getting Started and more.: Documentation

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