Camera Processing Control

Edge camera processing for industry and home control.

Camera vision for control

This concept demonstrates how camera data processing can control IOT devices. The center of your smart home is Open Edge Gateway with USB camera and AI CORE Movidius Myriad 2 from Intel. The gateway controls your smart home via wireless devices based on IQRF Wireless Technology. The camera detects people, faces and AI module recognizes you or members of your family. Gateway performs image processing and also performs any programmable control logic.

Control of LED strips appliacation

This application shows how Open Edge Gateway can control LED strips based on image recognition. We prepared following scenarios..

Recognize my family

Many customers like their personal light profile. If you have tried color bulb at home you might know how annoying is manual switching to you profile anytime when anybody else used his own. Our system recognizes you and automatically selects your profile.

Welcome light

When somebody approaches your door you want to provide nice light You probably know automatic move detectors switching lights on. ...unfortunately also always when dog, cat or even wind makes any movement. Smart system turns light on when person only approaches your doors.

Kids light

Green light is turned on when any kid appears.

Party event

Turn it all when somebody appears :)

List of components

  • UP Squared Gateway
  • USB camera
  • AI CORE Movidius Myriad 2
  • LED strips
  • Logimic LED stips driver
  • Open Edge Gateway software

Installation steps:

  • Insert AI module to UP gateway
  • Connect USB camera to UP gateway
  • Turn on gateway and start pre-installed Open Edge Gateway
  • Turn-on your Logimic LED driver
  • Open browset on any computer in netowrk an go to where is gateway IP address (can differ).
  • Enjoy your dashboard ans see how prepared gateway script switches three LED strips by the recognized man or woman face

Product info

  • Camera Vision for Control
  • Open Source Software
  • UP Squared Gateway, USB camera, AI CORE Movidius Myriad 2
  • Demo product