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Open Edge Gateway

Gateway with Edge Control Capability

Intelligent gateway software for many hardware platforms and wireless networks and providing edge control capability. Simply load control script and your gateway becomes a control centre of your devices.


Product Features

Gateway with Control Edge Capability

Run everywhere

Instal on any board with Win/Linux system. Make your home gateway with Raspberry board, professional gateway with UP board or cloud gateway.

Multi-network support

Support of IQRF, Z-wave and Wifi wireless networks as well as I2C, SPI, GPIO wire connectivity. Gateway ensures proper hardware and network abstraction.

Edge Control Capability

You can perform any logic inside your gateway e.g. pair switch with bulb, schedule any sensor event, connecting new sensor device and more.


Use plug-ins that you need and build light-weight, home or fully professional gateway. Develop your own plug-ins for any additional applications.


Support of local and remote connectivity via multiple channels like MQTT and Websockets and JSON API. Available dashboards and Gateway Manager for customer management.

Full API

JSON API supporting JSON Schema standard. API provides high level abstraction of connected devices and gateway itself.

Camera Processing Control

Image recognition controls IoT devices.

Edge Control

Gateway controls IoT devices based on camera processed data. The control logic can be specified in Java Script control logic scripts.

Camera Processing

We connected Intel image processing software with Open Edge Gateway components. The gateway can directly use any image recognition SDK features.


Hardware platform is UP Squarded board with installed AI CORE Movidius Myriad 2 and connected USB camera.


LED Strips Control

Home lights control.

Edge Control

We used Camera Processing Control for management of LED strips. Based on recognition of male or female face the proper color scheme is chosen.

Many Scenarios

We prepared many scenarios for LED strip management - kids sleeping light, party mode, bathroom mirror light, kitchen bright and many more.


We uses UP Squared board with AI CORE Movidius and external USB. Gateway manages Logimic LED controler based on IQRF wireles technology.


Home Logic

Simple logic for your home devices.

Edge Control

Gateway ensures basic logic among switches and lights, temperature notifications and display. Informatins are displayed on dashboard accesible via tablet or TV screen.


We prepared basic gateway logic scenarios turning on light by switchech inputs or highlighting high or low temperature on dashboard.

UP Squared Board

UP Squarded board with IQRF wireless switches, LED bulbs and temperature sensors. LED light control has been done with Logimic LED controler hardware (comming soon).


More applications...

Smart control has never been easier.

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More Features

Open Source

Open Edge Gateway software is Open Source and free, available on Github including many examples. Comming soon...

Gateway Dashboard

Free client dashboard application for monitoring of gateway and control logic. More at github...

Gateway Manager

Free client application for monitoring, configuration and diagnostic of gateway. More at github...


Open Source

$ 0 free
  • Free and Open Source software for comercial and hobby use.
  • Open Edge Gateway
  • GitHub download
  • GitHub Examples

Industrial Gateway

$ 549 per unit
  • Hardware and Software unit for industry. 

  • Open Edge Gateway
  • UP Sqaured board
  • IQRF network
  • Support

Industrial AI Gateway

$ 659 per unit
  • Hardware and Software unit for industry with AI support.
  • Open Edge Gateway
  • UP Sqaured board
  • AI Movidius, USB Camera
  • IQRF network
  • Support

Customer Solution

$ 32 per hour
  • Customization for specific user cases and sensor networks. Customer plug-ins.
  • Open Edge Gateway
  • Customer plug-ins
  • Customer hardware
  • Customer devices 
  • Any wireless network
  • Support 

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