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Logimic Industrial Wireless Control is hardware and software solution for local and remote control of your industrial devices working at your customers. You can simply manage lighting, heating, ventilation, production machines or robots.



Your devices are connected to control gateway via IQRF wireless network. We provide external adaptors or customer built-in hardware modules. There are many other IQRF interoperable devices you can use like internal/external sensors, power switches and more >>


Edge Control

Control program is running on powerful gateway hardware. This is fully operated even with no Internet connectivity. Gateway program can be remotely uploaded and modified.


Cloud Services

Integration with Amazon Web Services ensures monitoring of your devices directly at your customers. You can see statistic and performance data, perform data analytics tasks and provide data to client applications.


Client apps

We provide client applications for you and your customers where you can monitor, manage or programm your devices. Choose existing application or define your own design and target platform as web browser, laptop, or mobile application.



Select from prepared dashboards or define your own unique look of customer dashboard. Customize skin, look, number of tiles, displayed sensors and displayed data selections and more..


Scalable Features

Distribute and monetize new software features and updates remotely and anytime.
Remotely upgrade gateway software, control scripts or IQRF devices software.
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Fans Control Application

Write simple control logic in Java Script or Typescript language where you define a control logic. The script can be loaded to gateway.


Industrial Robot Control App

Integration of  more sophisticated software modules within gateway plug-in architecture. Gateway based control server of 6-axes robots extends customer low-level real time system with mathematics operations, trajectory planning, speed optimization and more..
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