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Air Quality Control

The system monitors you indoor environment quality via CO2 level, temperature, humidity and more parameters and controls their level via your current airconditioning or ventilation systems.


How It Works

Wireless sensors are installed in rooms and control gateway connected with airconditioning, ventilation or heating systems is placed alongside. You specify air quality program via your mobile device or web browser access.



We use Protronix NLII-CO2+RH+T sensors connected via IQRF wireless network with gateway or you can pick out any other IQRF interoperable sensor like combined Hardwario Cooper sensor and more.



Gateway is a heart of the system performing sensor measurement and control of ventilation, filtration, air-conditioning and others systems. Gateway can work independently of Internet connectivity. We ensure connectivity of sensors and your current air systems.


See & Adujst

Your data is safely storaged in gateway as well as in remote cloud services.  You can see statistics, performance and action graphs and remotely make any gateway program adjustements.


Get Alerts

Any non-standard situations, errors or critical levels of concetration can be immediately alerted with e-mail, SMS or mobile application notifications. 


Customer Design

We continuously provide new features by customers needs and full customization of existing modules.
We offer free demo application to be sure our customer are getting what they need. Contact us...

What's inside

Wireless Sensors

Protronix NLII-CO2+RH+T-IQRF+ sensors connected via IQRF mesh network or any other IQRF interoperable sensors by customer specification.


Logimic Open Edge Gateway software platform on UP2 board or any other Linux/Windows based computer preferred by customer.

Amazon Web Services

Scalable Amazon Web Services like IoT Core, Dynamo DB, Cognito, S3 and more by customer application requirements.

Client Application

Client application for monitoring and programming of the system accessible via web browser, laptop or mobile device application.

Why Choose Our Solution

We build open, simply and customer friendly system. 


Open Source

Any software is Open Source. You do not buy any "black boxes".


Edge Control

Control program runs on edge gateway. Internet disconnection has no impact on the system.


Customization and Branding

We provide full customization by your specification. Design your own look and brand.

Ask for demo...

Please specify your request and we will contact you soon with offer of working demo..


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