About us

Long-time experiences in Industrial Automatization, Telecomunication and Aerospace..

We have long-time experiences in Industrial Automatization, Telecomunication and Aerospace and our domain is edge systems like control systems, gateways, smart sensors, remote control and more. We also help our customer to implement Industry 4.0 and Industrial IOT requiremenents.

Why you should choose us


We have many years of experiences from industry and telecommunications and we love to solve customer challenges to bring real outcomes.


We unite freelancers, hobbiests and all enthusiasts. You do not have to hire individuals and take all risks. We offer NDA, contracts, backups, etc...


Our customers have access to our project management (Github, Gitlab, etc...), where they can track, adjust or collaborate at any activitiy anytime.


We offer co-funding of your projects where we participate. Mainly open-source projects and technologies without customer proprietary demand.