• Gateway Software

    Open Edge Gateway

    Intelligent gateway for wireless devices. Works with Iqrf and Z-wave networks. You can program any control logic of your devices.

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  • Development kit

    Iqrf development board

    For your fast development of IOT devices. You can connect any sensor or actuator and very quickly develop wireless end device.

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  • Software services

    Customer subcontracting

    We provide software development services in industrial and home automatization, IoT and telecommunications. We provide subcontracting...

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Software Services

We provide hardware and software services for industry from subcontracting and providing partial know-hot to delivery of complex solutions or accelerating research and development capacities of our industry partners. We have long-time experiences in Industrial Automatization, Telecomunication and Aerospace and our domain are edge systems like control systems, gateways, smart sensors, remote control and more.

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We produce IOT and Industry 4.0 gateway software for home and industrial gateways from simple software routers to fully equipped hardware and software gateway solutions. Our concept of fully modular and Open Sourced gateway stack Open Edge Gateway is merging gateway with AI and control systems and AI capabilities. We collaborate on development of IQRF Gateway Daemon for IQRF certified networks.

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IQRF Wireless

We help our industrial customers to connect their devices, sensors or actuators into IQRF network including gateway customization and devices certifications. IQRF network provides high reliability, security, long range, long batery life and more and is powerfull for home and industrial solutions. We are member of IQRF Alliance and activelly contribute to IQRF technology development with IQRF Gateway Daemon.

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NB-IoT Connectivity

NB-IoT is a low power wide area network (LPWAN) technology developed to enable efficient communication, long battery life for mass distributed devices and lower costs for wide geographical footprints or deep within urban infrastructure. For our industrial partners we ensure NB-IoT connectivity of their devices, sensors or actuators, software solutions of data transfer and complex design of hardware and software devices.

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